Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ian {9 Months} and Family

This little boy just keeps getting cuter and cuter!  He is just such a smiley baby with loads of personality.  When I pulled up for this session, it actually started pouring outside - hard.  We waited it out and it stopped, but periodically would start sprinkling again.  We managed to finish up, but it was also quite hot out - so glad that heat wave is over!  Again, I had a great time with you guys and can't wait for Ian's one year pictures in three months!

 photo IMG_9980_zps41003837.jpg  photo IMG_0022_zpsb9f57238.jpg  photo IMG_0029_zps7425f194.jpg  photo IMG_0042BW_zps23c572a7.jpg  photo IMG_0050_zps6c2fb6ae.jpg  photo IMG_0058_zps6bb062ce.jpg  photo IMG_0066_zps1fd53bb1.jpg  photo IMG_0078_zps1938ea13.jpg  photo IMG_0095_zps3f9e8b6b.jpg  photo IMG_0110_zpsde73e027.jpg  photo IMG_0118BW_zps293cfdeb.jpg  photo IMG_0134BW_zpsb1d4ddf7.jpg  photo IMG_0137_zpsdaedcecb.jpg  photo IMG_0146_zpsf65dcf9a.jpg  photo IMG_0160BW_zps9eb36b0d.jpg  photo IMG_0167_zps7ad2208f.jpg  photo IMG_0178BW_zps8f243b80.jpg  photo IMG_0181_zpsc375dbb0.jpg  photo IMG_0228_zpsdf352dff.jpg  photo IMG_0256_zpscb17c06f.jpg  photo IMG_0279_zps72c7e33a.jpg  photo IMG_0296_zps7b4721a8.jpg

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