Monday, July 22, 2013

Lucy {1}, Alice {1}, and Maggie {3}

Lucy and Alice turned one a couple months ago!  These twins were so much fun to photograph.  Sure, they moved around a lot and weren't always very interested in looking at me, but that is part of the fun with this age (but really, they did do awesome).  We got a few shots of their older sister too - they were all troopers as it was SO hot outside and those bugs are really getting bad this year.  It was so great meeting your family!!

 photo IMG_9553_zps36f3d416.jpg  photo IMG_9587_zps3f09a95a.jpg  photo IMG_9613_zpsda412daf.jpg  photo IMG_9631_zps11cbd98a.jpg  photo IMG_9648BW_zps3166a287.jpg  photo IMG_9653_zpse216f533.jpg  photo IMG_9672_zpsfdc3407d.jpg  photo IMG_9691_zps79a2add9.jpg  photo IMG_9706_zps3035d519.jpg  photo IMG_9725_zpsfcc9b489.jpg  photo IMG_9754_zps5b97b1cb.jpg  photo IMG_9760BW_zps4db12126.jpg  photo IMG_9773_zpsa789eb8e.jpg  photo IMG_9798_zps6e125a35.jpg  photo IMG_9799_zpsed466936.jpg  photo IMG_9808_zpsed256aa7.jpg  photo IMG_9814_zpsfcb8b16b.jpg  photo IMG_9832_zps70beb2a0.jpg  photo IMG_9855_zps6517879e.jpg  photo IMG_9867_zpsccbdfa58.jpg  photo IMG_9914_zps19895ba0.jpg  photo IMG_9953_zps4360be2b.jpg  photo IMG_9966BW_zps54c2bc06.jpg

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