Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Claire {1 Month}, Miles {2}, Sofia {4} and Family

We FINALLY got outside to do some family shots of these guys after 3 times rescheduling due to torrential downpours!  I did some newborn shots of Claire a few weeks ago so the focus of this shoot was family and sibling photos.  As I mentioned before, this family is very special to us as we hang out with the mom and kids many times a week while our husbands work and our children are such wonderful friends.  We had a beautiful night at the Botanical Gardens and loved capturing the great personality of this family.  Love you guys!

 photo IMG_3091_zpsca2ff647.jpg  photo IMG_3104BW_zpsbff46437.jpg  photo IMG_3112_zpsd1be0aee.jpg  photo IMG_3127BW_zps0afcff3e.jpg  photo IMG_3169_zpsc428313d.jpg  photo IMG_3182_zps95c3268f.jpg  photo IMG_3191_zps49bed443.jpg  photo IMG_3204_zpsd9cdd306.jpg  photo IMG_3225BW_zps10c7e4bd.jpg  photo IMG_3239_zps96f6978f.jpg  photo IMG_3292_zpsdd599996.jpg  photo IMG_3319_zps34f3c08c.jpg  photo IMG_3331_zpsd35c59de.jpg  photo IMG_3412_zps68d5903a.jpg  photo IMG_3419_zpsaa7e1db6.jpg  photo IMG_3452_zps48b45888.jpg  photo IMG_3461_zps7f2e1b9b.jpg  photo IMG_3467_zps6d615a26.jpg  photo IMG_3489BW_zps387eee29.jpg  photo IMG_3496_zpsf99213bb.jpg  photo IMG_3520_zps8991ec11.jpg  photo IMG_3538_zpscf0e5e64.jpg  photo IMG_3552BW_zpsbd3bc7c4.jpg  photo IMG_3581BW_zps6b20db1f.jpg  photo IMG_3599_zps6f61bcee.jpg  photo IMG_3610_zps2b4e1487.jpg

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