Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Myla {2} and Family - MINI Session

This little sweetie was probably the easiest 2-year-old I have ever photographed.  We did the session for 30 minutes and I had enough great shots to be able to cover a full session gallery.  Maybe she was making up for a more challenging session last fall, haha - she was just a joy.  Happy Birthday Myla!!!

 photo IMG_4231_zpsca4d22c8.jpg  photo IMG_4256BW_zpsd2b7f0e2.jpg  photo IMG_4276_zps2e3dc45d.jpg  photo IMG_4311_zps32dced61.jpg  photo IMG_4316BW_zps2fada7bc.jpg  photo IMG_4323_zps64d26618.jpg  photo IMG_4355_zpsf61b2889.jpg  photo IMG_4411_zpsf1483594.jpg  photo IMG_4418_zps81ff07cc.jpg  photo IMG_4436BW_zpse7275227.jpg  photo IMG_4459_zps4782f4a7.jpg  photo IMG_4502_zps16e991dd.jpg  photo IMG_4518_zps24bcd8bf.jpg

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