Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Caleb {1} and Family - including Cake Smash!

So I hadn't seen this little guy for a whole year!  I did his newborn session and one year later I get to see how much he has changed - pretty fun!  He is the cutest little one year old and was really so much fun to shoot.  He really made my job quite easy.  He had a great time with his cake smash, taking his time eating and playing with his cake - pretty adorable.  Then we went outside for more shots on a beautiful, hot evening.  We realized that my husband will be working with Caleb's daddy this year too, so I am sure we will be seeing them at some social gatherings throughout the year.  It was so great seeing you guys again!  Happy Birthday, Caleb!

 photo IMG_2496BW_zpscbdcec18.jpg  photo IMG_2504_zps03103119.jpg  photo IMG_2510_zps8930ae58.jpg

 photo IMG_2585_zps528ffb3c.jpg  photo IMG_2606_zps7e1ea6de.jpg  photo IMG_2614_zps281204f9.jpg  photo IMG_2639BW_zpsbf69a728.jpg  photo IMG_2651_zpsd65e91e1.jpg  photo IMG_2663_zps0faa6987.jpg  photo IMG_2673_zpscdf59bc6.jpg  photo IMG_2684_zpsece2e06d.jpg  photo IMG_2692_zpse50d30b2.jpg  photo IMG_2720_zps21920fb5.jpg  photo IMG_2737BW_zpsdf4f965e.jpg  photo IMG_2741_zpsc33ad867.jpg  photo IMG_2767BW_zps320d7fb7.jpg  photo IMG_2827_zpsa6b61071.jpg  photo IMG_2849_zpsb098ebe0.jpg  photo IMG_2855_zpsa7d3dae6.jpg  photo IMG_2896_zpsa5becb35.jpg  photo IMG_2910BW_zps44a959d4.jpg  photo IMG_2931_zpsc98828a0.jpg  photo IMG_2952_zpsd00e2e64.jpg  photo IMG_2974_zps4030d7f8.jpg  photo IMG_2987_zpsf0c7f4b6.jpg  photo IMG_3018_zpsceeb5abf.jpg  photo IMG_3020BW_zps20359a22.jpg  photo IMG_3045_zps1b117d9e.jpg  photo IMG_3067_zps2b49d73b.jpg

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