Thursday, July 18, 2013

Max {9 Months} - MINI Session

Meet adorable Max!  He is 9 months old and his brother, Noah, is almost 4.  We met on a weird weather night - we have had so many of those this summer!  It was super hot, very very humid, thundering in the distance, sprinkling off and on, and my camera kept fogging up in the beginning because of the cold house and moving to the extreme temperatures outside!  We made it work though and my camera thankfully adjusted.  These guys are just adorable and I cannot wait for Max's one year session in 3 months!

 photo IMG_3645BW_zpsfb6523b5.jpg  photo IMG_3655_zpsb11da4b0.jpg  photo IMG_3667_zpsb8472414.jpg  photo IMG_3680_zps16b651a1.jpg  photo IMG_3717BW_zps5524bde0.jpg  photo IMG_3729BW_zps620a7ae3.jpg  photo IMG_3766_zpsae9596d7.jpg  photo IMG_3782BW_zpsdc9c7aa2.jpg  photo IMG_3795_zps9c73da08.jpg  photo IMG_3814_zps26bdb82e.jpg  photo IMG_3828_zps9b4ca377.jpg  photo IMG_3856_zpsfb6d9639.jpg

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