Monday, July 8, 2013

Emmy {1}, Logan {3} and Family

I cannot believe this little girl is already one!  We hang out with this awesome family a lot for playdates while our husbands work (they both work a lot!).  Although I am around Emmy a lot, I am always too busy focusing on keeping my three boys alive and well that I haven't had a lot of time to spend with Emmy.  I feel blessed to be able to spend extra time focusing on my friends' children when photographing them.  This little girl has just the cutest personality and is so very adorable.  Her older brother, Logan, is obviously just as adorable and has the most amazing eyes that I just love capturing in camera.  We all have only one year left here to play so we are going to be sure to make the best of it!  Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!

 photo IMG_1934_zpseee0c7f2.jpg  photo IMG_1940_zps788079c0.jpg  photo IMG_1947_zps40aa0e37.jpg  photo IMG_1974_zps173f462f.jpg  photo IMG_1981_zpsdbbd20a3.jpg  photo IMG_2037_zpsceec536a.jpg  photo IMG_2122_zps62b869d7.jpg  photo IMG_2132_zps79d13f9a.jpg  photo IMG_2182_zpsb9847612.jpg  photo IMG_2212BW_zps5dfd70ca.jpg  photo IMG_2223_zpsa038cf97.jpg  photo IMG_2253_zps83215fae.jpg 
LOVE the one above!
 photo IMG_2264_zps6ee2869c.jpg  photo IMG_2281_zps105a6d01.jpg  photo IMG_2284_zps0741d72c.jpg  photo IMG_2293_zps048d8be7.jpg  photo IMG_2295_zps8e65db38.jpg  photo IMG_2306_zps9cc4d8e2.jpg  photo IMG_2341_zpseae5f98f.jpg  photo IMG_2352_zps8baee695.jpg  photo IMG_2381BW_zpsb6c6b19b.jpg  photo IMG_2398BW_zps0da32ca7.jpg  photo IMG_2406_zps768e73a9.jpg  photo IMG_2447_zpsc7672e07.jpg

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