Sunday, June 30, 2013

Michaela {6 Months} and Family - MINI Session

I did Michaela's newborn pics and it was so fun seeing how much she has changed!  She is such a smiley baby and was really the sweetest little thing.  We did a quick mini session and captured some wonderful smiles and her personality, along with some family and parent shots!

 photo IMG_1706_zps67cdf113.jpg  photo IMG_1742_zps755c1fb1.jpg  photo IMG_1752_zps4a88948f.jpg  photo IMG_1779_zps03b3fe55.jpg  photo IMG_1792_zps56a53974.jpg  photo IMG_1807BW_zpsa46deded.jpg  photo IMG_1820_zps8d9c983c.jpg  photo IMG_1830_zps19b66230.jpg  photo IMG_1846_zps2130093e.jpg  photo IMG_1868_zps7f5e9f31.jpg  photo IMG_1873BW_zps20f485ed.jpg  photo IMG_1874_zps41c8db4a.jpg  photo IMG_1890_zpsa0cfb506.jpg

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