Saturday, June 1, 2013

Zoyi {1} and Aydin {4}

I have watched beautiful little Zoyi grow since she was in her mommy's tummy! I cannot believe she is one already! We did a cake smash and she was so funny - she dug right in and played with the cake, completely destroying it.  It took a while for her to even eat any of it and when she did, she was still more interested in just playing with it. I couldn't help but post almost every photo of the smash.

Aydin recently had his 4th birthday so I included some shots of him to capture his personality at this age - and he has a lot of it!

Happy Birthday Zoyi and Aydin!  It's been a great year!

 photo IMG_6824_zps5a9cd578.jpg  photo IMG_6853_zps254bc410.jpg  photo IMG_6898_zpse01efba7.jpg  photo IMG_6909_zps33540092.jpg  photo IMG_6944_zps9adfdad7.jpg  photo IMG_6955_zps8682e776.jpg  photo IMG_6972_zpsbecf01b6.jpg  photo IMG_6979_zps0e49025a.jpg  photo IMG_6981_zps6ebb6f0a.jpg  photo IMG_6985_zpsee317f39.jpg  photo IMG_6994_zpsb235b661.jpg  photo IMG_7015_zps418d4558.jpg  photo IMG_7021_zps9e2f2c84.jpg  photo IMG_7025_zps0e183c85.jpg  photo IMG_7035_zps3e62885e.jpg  photo IMG_7039_zps7e0a3772.jpg  photo IMG_7050_zps6ec99797.jpg  photo IMG_7063BW_zpsca0e4022.jpg  photo IMG_7069_zps2ff3db59.jpg  photo IMG_7081_zps9f954db1.jpg  photo IMG_7087_zpsa7c40215.jpg  photo IMG_7108BW_zpsabf099b1.jpg  photo IMG_7116_zps6a864032.jpg  photo IMG_7135_zps911c2f0f.jpg  photo IMG_7141_zpsee0b4f3c.jpg  photo IMG_7182_zps3fda3076.jpg  photo IMG_7210_zpsdbfc6f93.jpg  photo IMG_7240_zps1c3b776c.jpg

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