Monday, June 10, 2013

Lyla {3}, Avery {7 months} and Family

This family used to live across the street from us but they moved last year - but only about two blocks away and I am sure it was because they didn't want to go too far from us ;)  We hang out regularly and our children get along great.  I can't believe Lyla is already turning 3 and their baby girl is 7 months old.  I had a great time capturing these two sweet girls' personalities on a beautiful spring evening.

 photo IMG_7969_zps9d48df7d.jpg  photo IMG_7988BW_zps97c06916.jpg  photo IMG_8014_zps0ae1c85b.jpg  photo IMG_8039_zps07705c6d.jpg  photo IMG_8058_zps6e0b770b.jpg  photo IMG_8127_zpsc150cb13.jpg  photo IMG_8144_zps1eeebadf.jpg  photo IMG_8149_zps3cf803dd.jpg  photo IMG_8170BW_zpsb1982018.jpg  photo IMG_8209_zpsb8b09990.jpg  photo IMG_8218_zpsb4bd812f.jpg  photo IMG_8254_zps7c9aeaa0.jpg  photo IMG_8277_zpsafd548c4.jpg  photo IMG_8291BW_zps48d71078.jpg  photo IMG_8367_zps21f6b97e.jpg  photo IMG_8375_zps2c86ec73.jpg  photo IMG_8413_zps92c1e32b.jpg  photo IMG_8493_zps9a9d4f3f.jpg  photo IMG_8546_zps26cd9551.jpg  photo IMG_8550_zps16dcea87.jpg  photo IMG_8563_zps212b6038.jpg  photo IMG_8568_zps6f695412.jpg

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