Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Layla {1 1/2}, Colby {4} and Family

I had a great time with Colby, Layla, and their parents at the Arboretum on a beautiful evening. I have photographed this adorable family a few times before so you may recognize them.  They were our first friends when we moved to Michigan and we have continued to get our kids together for playdates on a weekly basis.  Sadly, they are moving back to the NE to be closer to family and we will miss them dearly.  Thank you for a wonderful 3 years, guys!

 photo IMG_9885_zpsb1c6e94c.jpg
 photo IMG_9903_zpsebfaf837.jpg  photo IMG_9923_zps4324c01e.jpg  photo IMG_9929_zpsa030c5b9.jpg  photo IMG_9961_zpseaea2ad1.jpg  photo IMG_9994_zps6f5f6edf.jpg  photo IMG_0034_zpsbe0e503d.jpg  photo IMG_0058_zps9752e0f0.jpg  photo IMG_0076BW_zps8cfd1521.jpg  photo IMG_0097_zps2c24944e.jpg  photo IMG_0118_zps156137db.jpg  photo IMG_0135_zps781b7998.jpg  photo IMG_0142_zps5dc85ac1.jpg  photo IMG_0173_zps66c9549f.jpg
 photo IMG_0193_zpsd86e8081.jpg  photo IMG_0207_zps6e959a7e.jpg  photo IMG_0216_zpse941a47e.jpg  photo IMG_0218_zps37e7196e.jpg  photo IMG_0220BW_zpsf54cc33a.jpg  photo IMG_0247_zps6e28443a.jpg  photo IMG_0257_zps77c6b121.jpg  photo IMG_0274BW_zpse489cc24.jpg  photo IMG_0275_zpsf2dfbb1f.jpg  photo IMG_0283_zps21622a4d.jpg

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