Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Maya {2} and Family!

Meet little adorable Maya and her parents!  Maya is an active, sweet two-year-old who loves to explore.  She is also going to be a big sister in a few months - as you can see by her mommy's adorable baby bump!  I had such a great time with this family on a beautiful evening.  Cannot wait for your little sister's newborn shoot!!!

 photo IMG_9501_zpsf46d2159.jpg  photo IMG_9505_zpsa5298e78.jpg  photo IMG_9515_zpsb83d2282.jpg  photo IMG_9518_zps3c06b500.jpg  photo IMG_9533_zpsdd61d228.jpg  photo IMG_9534_zps75a28bf0.jpg  photo IMG_9536_zpscbf5d6be.jpg  photo IMG_9549_zpsed9d1a90.jpg  photo IMG_9559_zps501d8e0f.jpg  photo IMG_9565_zpsd6671f28.jpg  photo IMG_9568_zpsde597df3.jpg  photo IMG_9588_zpsaf4b42ce.jpg  photo IMG_9598BW_zps56b25a56.jpg  photo IMG_9605_zpse608ce68.jpg  photo IMG_9628_zpse7f24fd5.jpg  photo IMG_9641_zpse2cd943d.jpg  photo IMG_9659_zps9b886e8a.jpg  photo IMG_9686_zps341a647e.jpg  photo IMG_9706_zpse3d12929.jpg  photo IMG_9710_zpse710e4ef.jpg  photo IMG_9741_zpsd72ee97c.jpg  photo IMG_9781_zps57f6da97.jpg  photo IMG_9826_zpsf6ec8983.jpg

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  1. Cutest family ever! Not that I'm biased or anything :)


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