Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Claire {10 Days Old}, Miles {2 1/2}, and Sofia {4}

What can I say about these guys other than I adore them.  Big brother and sister, Miles and Sofia, are great friends to our boys and we are so excited to have a new little one to get to know - perfect, tiny little Claire.  Claire was born 3 weeks early, weighing 5 pounds.  Miles and Sofia are proud siblings and did a wonderful job taking pictures with her - it was so fun.  We did kind of a quick shoot inside, but keep an eye out for more photos of this family as we are going to do some outdoor shots too!  Love you guys!
 photo IMG_0452_zps8a648ee9.jpg  photo IMG_0455BW_zps8c464c74.jpg  photo IMG_0463BW_zps5acdb850.jpg  photo IMG_0473_zps3784b968.jpg  photo IMG_0484_zps9971a7d2.jpg  photo IMG_0497_zps0286352c.jpg  photo IMG_0506_zpse4139f28.jpg  photo IMG_0514_zps44f5432c.jpg  photo IMG_0522_zpsd480e8e5.jpg  photo IMG_0524_zpsb52ce766.jpg  photo IMG_0534_zpsbfbb0834.jpg  photo IMG_0567_zps0deec175.jpg  photo IMG_0570BW_zpsd974c270.jpg  photo IMG_0586_zps71362152.jpg  photo IMG_0592_zps1ce722ad.jpg  photo IMG_0615BW_zps0b1d6166.jpg  photo IMG_0616_zps88216f1b.jpg  photo IMG_0659_zps3e7916ed.jpg  photo IMG_0694_zps30e13ec0.jpg
 photo IMG_0699_zps8d706ef6.jpg  photo IMG_0710_zps8bfa387c.jpg  photo IMG_0713BW_zps816b7f3a.jpg  photo IMG_0726_zps3bf950e9.jpg  photo IMG_0740_zpsdedd8cb5.jpg  photo IMG_0773_zps107b643e.jpg  photo IMG_0797_zpsf6bb14b4.jpg

 photo IMG_0806_zps6595bb26.jpg

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