Thursday, June 27, 2013

Paige {1 Year!} and Family

Paige is already one year old!  I have watched her grow every three months and it has been so fun.  She did a cake smash and loved it, getting fairly messy.  We moved outside for more pictures and her personality shined.  She is such a sweet sweet baby and I will really miss seeing her as much as I have! Thank you for a fabulous year!

 photo IMG_1184_zps138869fc.jpg  photo IMG_1202_zps224359c8.jpg  photo IMG_1251_zps25466e99.jpg  photo IMG_1270_zpsf97ee2da.jpg 
She suddenly did the pose above and we thought it was so funny!  Such a cutie!
 photo IMG_1277_zpsffece175.jpg  photo IMG_1289BW_zps7c7187c3.jpg  photo IMG_1296_zps16637b24.jpg 
She sat with her hand planted in the cake for quite a while.
 photo IMG_1329_zps464cecf3.jpg  photo IMG_1331_zps2a5c5276.jpg  photo IMG_1345BW_zpsb8884045.jpg  photo IMG_1356_zps2e6d325e.jpg  photo IMG_1360_zpsaf5a3f10.jpg  photo IMG_1365_zpsccb92754.jpg  photo IMG_1391_zpsad1305a0.jpg  photo IMG_1403_zpsa80b01a4.jpg  photo IMG_1411_zpsdcde56e9.jpg  photo IMG_1422_zps9b56f25b.jpg  photo IMG_1442_zps83210a9e.jpg  photo IMG_1451_zps25b40b94.jpg  photo IMG_1458_zps2ab2fbf7.jpg  photo IMG_1489_zps848a7326.jpg 
Love the one above with daddy...
 photo IMG_1515_zpsb7edbb17.jpg  photo IMG_1526_zps1d456741.jpg  photo IMG_1535_zps11c90199.jpg  photo IMG_1547_zps8a100491.jpg  photo IMG_1584_zps3772d0ac.jpg  photo IMG_1603BW_zps18f82eff.jpg  photo IMG_1621BW_zps53eb24c0.jpg

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