Monday, July 29, 2013

Drew {2 Years Old} and Family

I met this little guy when he was 6 months old - then a very serious, sweet, calm baby.  Now he is an active, silly, energetic two year old.  Drew is so fun to be around and I had a blast with him and his parents in the U of Michigan Law Quad.  Happy Birthday, Drew!!

 photo IMG_3129_zpsc83a2e9d.jpg  photo IMG_3145BW_zpsfd4e1d5b.jpg  photo IMG_3153BW_zpsba9500ec.jpg  photo IMG_3169_zps285fb99a.jpg  photo IMG_3177_zpsda865e06.jpg  photo IMG_3178_zps653ec62d.jpg  photo IMG_3195_zps89f2675b.jpg  photo IMG_3211_zpsa35f6343.jpg  photo IMG_3227BW_zpscec17134.jpg  photo IMG_3240_zps09855d5d.jpg  photo IMG_3250_zpsa62ad586.jpg  photo IMG_3258_zpsdcaf252e.jpg  photo IMG_3263BW_zpsac74a8ba.jpg  photo IMG_3272_zps2ee439ab.jpg  photo IMG_3297BW_zps56151e87.jpg  photo IMG_3315_zps9d7e1b72.jpg  photo IMG_3338_zpse221d841.jpg  photo IMG_3349_zps97f62675.jpg  photo IMG_3386_zps56c0e8b1.jpg  photo IMG_3412_zps14371b36.jpg  photo IMG_3423_zps25d1324c.jpg  photo IMG_3431BW_zpse952d674.jpg  photo IMG_3441_zpsf548c29a.jpg  photo IMG_3444_zps10f07929.jpg  photo IMG_3487_zpsd2411959.jpg

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