Monday, November 16, 2015

Olivia {10}, Jazlyn {7}, Mila {1} and Family

This family is beautiful - inside and out. They live down the block from us and so far we think they are pretty cool, although we need to find more time to get together during our crazy busy schedules! Each girl is uniquely awesome - Jazlyn is hilarious and full of spunk. Olivia seems a bit more shy but I bet the two of them have tons of fun together. Mila is adorable and sure loves her mommy. I sure look forward to getting to know this whole family better over the years!  Also, on another note, I cannot believe November has been so beautiful this year!

 photo IMG_6156_zpsm7uwad76.jpg  photo IMG_6160_zpspuwqj4qi.jpg  photo IMG_6169_zpse4zqifxc.jpg  photo IMG_6176FB_zpsyyof36mn.jpg  photo IMG_6209_zpsqzdxsa9t.jpg  photo IMG_6231FB_zpswuqvl7ft.jpg  photo IMG_6274_zpsygivkt13.jpg  photo IMG_6289_zps3bba4s3t.jpg  photo IMG_6311_zpscria1yil.jpg  photo IMG_6333FB_zps8lwq94oa.jpg  photo IMG_6355FB_zpszzmzw3uy.jpg  photo IMG_6367FB_zpsiaoglsg9.jpg  photo IMG_6409FB_zpsq0p1zxi4.jpg  photo IMG_6419_zps67robxgm.jpg  photo IMG_6441FB_zpspjkjdby0.jpg  photo IMG_6469_zpshmni1gjd.jpg

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