Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Evan {4}, Avery {8} and Family - Mini Session

I have photographed this family for over 4 years now.  They were one of my first clients in Michigan actually and they are now also here in ND (almost 3 hours away though). They came to Fargo to shop and have some photos done but unfortunately our original date rained out so we had to reschedule for the following morning.  It was quite chilly, as mornings usually are in October, and poor little Evan was not interested in photos at all. Considering his lack of enthusiasm, I did manage to get some photos and it helps that the light was beautiful. Avery has always enjoyed shoots.  Funny thing is that I think every time I have done a shoot for them, she has brought her favorite stuffed animal (it has changed every time) and asked me to take a photo of it.  I always do but rarely actually keep that photo.  This time I just had to throw it in the gallery because it's so sweet that she does this every time.  Thanks again, guys, for being such loyal clients!  I love watching your kids grow and seeing you all again!

 photo IMG_1903FB_zpsjwmb4xxr.jpg  photo IMG_1931FB_zpsoxlz1ktn.jpg  photo IMG_1946_zpso0yxkq7l.jpg  photo IMG_1948_zpssgmvqwxo.jpg  photo IMG_1956FB_zpstd0fwqe1.jpg  photo IMG_1958BW_zpswfagpzjg.jpg  photo IMG_1971FB_zpsmepba1sp.jpg  photo IMG_1975FB_zps4op46gx1.jpg  photo IMG_1992_zps9tbo8z6i.jpg  photo IMG_2001_zpsexohnbsr.jpg  photo IMG_2040_zpsdwncurre.jpg  photo IMG_2052FB_zpsgwxwxpzk.jpg  photo IMG_2068_zps4mverenj.jpg  photo IMG_2101FB_zpsn9jdaipr.jpg

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