Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Felix {11 Days}, Dexter {3} and Family

Well adorable little Dexter is now a big brother to a little baby boy, Felix! I did their maternity session just a couple of short months ago and they did not know if they were having a boy or a girl.  Felix was 9 1/2 pounds of cuteness at birth and continues to grow like a weed.  I cannot wait to watch Felix grow over the years and I know that he and Dexter will become the best of friends.  Congratulations to you guys!!!

 photo IMG_2140_zpslkblcizt.jpg  photo IMG_2443_zpsv8evqlql.jpg  photo IMG_2437grey_zpsx9ubdafv.jpg  photo IMG_2422BW_zpsc5d73yzb.jpg  photo IMG_2407BW_zpsnocwa8vj.jpg  photo IMG_2379BW_zpstixzytxu.jpg  photo IMG_2374_zpsv8zztjce.jpg  photo IMG_2363BW_zpstrc9hmbw.jpg  photo IMG_2355BW_zpscxphrh6t.jpg  photo IMG_2346_zps3ukibb1y.jpg  photo IMG_2343_zpsttlob7zz.jpg  photo IMG_2333_zpsyuykw1ga.jpg  photo IMG_2320BW_zpspizlh0gu.jpg  photo IMG_2312_zps9qb21lj3.jpg  photo IMG_2287_zpsns7jixis.jpg  photo IMG_2280fixedBW_zpsrrx4wwf3.jpg  photo IMG_2270_zpsvvxsh1sk.jpg  photo IMG_2248_zpsbfp4wvrp.jpg  photo IMG_2234BW_zps6lm9vm5f.jpg  photo IMG_2205_zpstuj98xvc.jpg  photo IMG_2177_zpskpfxtbeg.jpg  photo IMG_2144BW_zps7hagi4wc.jpg  photo IMG_2468_zpscps7yhvr.jpg  photo IMG_2480_zpslnbemr9y.jpg  photo IMG_2503_zpshtzdfr5m.jpg  photo IMG_2531FB_zpst0ns8bff.jpg  photo IMG_2511_zpsixjiaauy.jpg

 photo IMG_2571_zpsx3v8s2ea.jpg  photo IMG_2582BW_zpsgpmqkcqj.jpg  photo IMG_2626BW_zpssqu18rj0.jpg  photo IMG_2648BW_zps5f9pvse8.jpg

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