Thursday, November 12, 2015

Riley {8 Days Old}, Avery {4} and Family

I just love this family and I love that they had another baby...a sister for Avery! The mommy of this family and I go WAY back to being neighbors when we were babies and spent our early years together running around the neighborhood and kept in touch several years after we both moved to different areas of town.  So to say she holds a special place in my heart is an understatement.  It has been so fun watching her family grow.  Little Avery is such a sweet little girl and she is so excited to have a baby sister now.  Congratulations to you all!  Enjoy the newborn snuggles and post a lot of photos as she continues to grow please!

 photo IMG_4612_zpscbwkslgm.jpg  photo IMG_4619_zpsrjcz9vfx.jpg  photo IMG_4624_zpslvf9olms.jpg  photo IMG_4640BW_zpsolxtjef6.jpg  photo IMG_4658_zpsuxwmwu5r.jpg  photo IMG_4669_zpsxvtgbqv6.jpg  photo IMG_4699BW_zpsumntghip.jpg  photo IMG_4706_zpsh5jktfkz.jpg  photo IMG_4733BW_zpsfcgtjfoh.jpg  photo IMG_4770_zpsache1qtk.jpg
 photo IMG_4791BW_zpsdzvqhafb.jpg  photo IMG_4810BW_zpslr3ofqzh.jpg  photo IMG_4822BW_zpsmkqs8gj4.jpg  photo IMG_4858_zpsyqzwqgcb.jpg 
Look at those eyelashes....
 photo IMG_4860_zpsjkm8hsfz.jpg  photo IMG_4863_zpslzxbsttg.jpg  photo IMG_4872BW_zpsa2bxikxv.jpg  photo IMG_4890FB_zpsyntcagtz.jpg  photo IMG_4899_zpsjlxbt7pc.jpg  photo IMG_4903_zpsk0rggx08.jpg  photo IMG_4914_zpsj2kcvcup.jpg
 photo IMG_4935_zpsfawo22qn.jpg  photo IMG_4941_zpsr9nww08g.jpg 
We did this photo shoot on Halloween morning, so this hat they brought was very appropriate!
 photo IMG_4949_zpsl4zoxf9v.jpg  photo IMG_4961FB_zpszw4skbwi.jpg  photo IMG_4966BW_zpscycsqqs8.jpg  photo IMG_4970_zpsjxuoop6e.jpg  photo IMG_4980_zps0tyky6ob.jpg  photo IMG_4982BWFB_zpskr5pfnth.jpg  photo IMG_4991BW_zpstckqvqgq.jpg  photo IMG_4996BW_zpsxv5wu1qk.jpg

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