Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tate {5} & Tenley {2}

Oh these two...I don't think it's possible for them to be any more adorable.  Tate is full of energy and silliness and Tenley really is just the sweetest little girl ever.  They were so much fun to photograph on this beautiful November afternoon.  I went to high school with their father and I don't think we have actually seen each other since we graduated so it's been almost 15 years (?!?! 15 years since high school???  Ugh, I feel old!) It was so great to see him and meet his wife and children - such a nice, awesome family.

 photo IMG_5887FB_zpsqyogaruf.jpg  photo IMG_5911FB_zps17xp51n3.jpg  photo IMG_5935_zpswybqcrtm.jpg  photo IMG_5938_zpsm9hiooca.jpg  photo IMG_5943_zpspsscl5cw.jpg  photo IMG_5949BW_zpssuxllw68.jpg  photo IMG_5974FB_zpsckfh1a5h.jpg  photo IMG_6007FB_zps9r66smok.jpg  photo IMG_6018FB_zpsyj506zs9.jpg  photo IMG_6040_zpsrvoe9kam.jpg  photo IMG_6069_zpsopcw8olh.jpg  photo IMG_6084_zpsndf2cnw6.jpg  photo IMG_6092_zps651ucsoz.jpg  photo IMG_6120FB_zpsbpphaeg1.jpg  photo IMG_6135_zpsds0ufzbf.jpg

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