Sunday, November 29, 2015

Chase {2 Months} and Family

This family is just beautiful and that little Chase...just a perfect, adorable little boy.  I went to college with the mother and we were in the same sorority, so it was so great to see her again and to see her as a mom.  Chase was happy as can be and for a two month old, it was pretty easy to get some great smiles out of him.  You two are so very blessed!!!  Enjoy!

 photo IMG_9188_zpsukth8ozw.jpg  photo IMG_9208lights_zpsjoqjoo74.jpg  photo IMG_9212FB_zpsmk0yfmid.jpg  photo IMG_9217_zpsjr0hemoh.jpg  photo IMG_9220_zps3osmnc1m.jpg  photo IMG_9267_zpsxygfwtos.jpg  photo IMG_9290_zpskbj0lmjy.jpg  photo IMG_9309_zps0ptk2oeo.jpg  photo IMG_9328_zpswwowpfxp.jpg  photo IMG_9338_zps0b65kldc.jpg  photo IMG_9352_zpsugjjx3yv.jpg  photo IMG_9353FB_zps4pzn3jae.jpg  photo IMG_9393_zpsygjpeklm.jpg  photo IMG_9400FB_zps4uof0rqe.jpg  photo IMG_9441lightsFB_zpsst3zbpck.jpg

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