Monday, November 9, 2015

Sammy {2} and Family

This family is adorable...and full of energy - particularly little Sammy! From the moment we started the photo shoot, he started running and rarely stopped, haha.  We had to bring out all of the tricks to get him to stand still for split seconds, but I loved the challenge and adored his personality.  I also loved being able to see his mommy again.  We go WAY back and have lost touch over the past decade or more.  Thank goodness for Facebook though, as I feel like we have stayed connected with it.  Grandma also came along to be in some photos! As you can see below, Sammy is going to be a big brother!  They are welcoming a little girl to their family in around 10 weeks from when this shoot took place and could not be more excited.  I can't wait to hear the news.  Congratulations to you guys and your perfect little family :)

 photo IMG_4118FB_zpsd3np7wjn.jpg  photo IMG_4124_zpsqbjuzugq.jpg  photo IMG_4139_zpssicllf27.jpg  photo IMG_4152_zpsm5sub5cr.jpg  photo IMG_4159_zpsq4wzlc9k.jpg  photo IMG_4170_zps0xyqqdmx.jpg  photo IMG_4182_zpspjjrmmbi.jpg  photo IMG_4206FB_zpsafrsmzws.jpg  photo IMG_4217_zpsemighfdm.jpg  photo IMG_4247_zpsykhqxrl7.jpg  photo IMG_4270FB_zpsbvvgo7i5.jpg  photo IMG_4284FB_zps3qjm3neh.jpg  photo IMG_4304FB_zpsox499o0g.jpg  photo IMG_4323FB_zps7vgwiezz.jpg  photo IMG_4331_zpsk3cloqc1.jpg  photo IMG_4363_zpsbelewhtg.jpg  photo IMG_4367_zpsu7w7jf8c.jpg  photo IMG_4378_zps7qnmlv4w.jpg  photo IMG_4413_zpslaozkr2b.jpg  photo IMG_4418_zpshdilbtnb.jpg  photo IMG_4426_zpsxakdi4q7.jpg  photo IMG_4433_zpsned41ivt.jpg  photo IMG_4435_zpsembqszi1.jpg  photo IMG_4439_zpsvdsmpdmy.jpg  photo IMG_4460FB_zpsjyryolyb.jpg  photo IMG_4477FB_zpsg3lq8ssq.jpg  photo IMG_4495_zpsaoswyola.jpg  photo IMG_4514_zpsedszu1ub.jpg  photo IMG_4531_zps6g42l5rn.jpg  photo IMG_4537_zpsgnwi1e2e.jpg  photo IMG_4551_zpsbs4bghrt.jpg  photo IMG_4559_zpscs1letfj.jpg  photo IMG_4569BW_zpszrpj2cxr.jpg  photo IMG_4578BW_zpse93329sf.jpg


  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!!!

  2. Thank you thank you for capturing "us" as we are..... crazy and on the move. I love them!!


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