Monday, June 2, 2014

Zoyi {2}, Aydin {5} and Family

I always look forward to seeing this family!  This time I thought it would be a tough session because Zoyi just turned 2 and 2 is a tough age at shoots.  I was wrong.  They were completely amazing and I cannot believe how many shots I got, especially the sibling ones.  These kids are just totally adorable and I will truly miss seeing them grow in person (thank goodness for Facebook!).  It's been a great couple of years with you guys!

 photo IMG_0996BW_zps4d26d65e.png
 photo IMG_1014_zps9484fbe8.jpg  photo IMG_1035BW_zps128e31bb.jpg  photo IMG_1043_zps9f707221.jpg  photo IMG_1087_zpsf28c1759.jpg  photo IMG_1094_zps94166908.jpg  photo IMG_1100_zps66e0fbe7.jpg  photo IMG_1130_zpsd17ee2d6.jpg  photo IMG_1137_zps22352ea0.jpg  photo IMG_1140_zps5a02f5bd.jpg  photo IMG_1150BW_zpsbf6a555b.jpg  photo IMG_1158_zps4ac5136e.jpg  photo IMG_1188_zps49d4abe5.jpg  photo IMG_1254_zps8a6a7944.jpg  photo IMG_1257BW_zps8fa20932.jpg  photo IMG_1284_zpsf22b4e40.jpg  photo IMG_1294_zpsb74f1aea.jpg  photo IMG_1327_zpsf1b8f5cb.jpg  photo IMG_1335_zpsf06460bf.jpg  photo IMG_1345_zpsfce07e73.jpg  photo IMG_1373_zps6e4aef82.jpg  photo IMG_1378_zps6f20454b.jpg 

 photo IMG_1397_zpsa2fa8d45.png

 photo IMG_1444_zps499be826.jpg  photo IMG_1484_zpsc77bfb63.jpg  photo IMG_1496_zps55c5269a.jpg  photo IMG_1521_zps24cd3c65.jpg  photo IMG_1527_zpsaeab6c8f.jpg  photo IMG_1537_zpsd2a638eb.jpg  photo IMG_1545_zps96ebd4d8.jpg  photo IMG_1572_zps174bb4d8.jpg  photo IMG_1575_zps7d84d7f9.jpg  photo IMG_1586_zps03ec93f6.jpg  photo IMG_1598_zps2c963043.jpg  photo IMG_1657_zpsf0bfffd8.jpg  photo IMG_1667_zps81094e9a.jpg

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