Thursday, June 26, 2014

Drew {Almost 3} and Family

I met this guy when he was a baby and always have fun with him and his family - he has SO much personality and is a very active boy.  Lucky little guy also gets to have a little brother in a few months and they are all so excited.  So happy we were able to fit in one more session before I left Ann Arbor.  We did these on Father's Day and editing took me a little longer because of our long, exhausting, stressful move to North Dakota.  So happy we don't plan to do that again!  Thanks for a great night and wishing you guys all the best!

 photo IMG_5233_zps986b393a.jpg  photo IMG_5239_zps7c0e1fc4.jpg

 photo IMG_5254_zps07ed5fc0.jpg  photo IMG_5259BW_zps2fadf6b1.jpg  photo IMG_5310BW_zpsb1279ba3.jpg  photo IMG_5313_zpsacdd2bbf.jpg  photo IMG_5331_zps598d5618.jpg  photo IMG_5337BW_zps613f13f9.jpg  photo IMG_5360_zps66078cd4.jpg  photo IMG_5378BW_zps76e44949.jpg  photo IMG_5385BW_zps344391d0.jpg  photo IMG_5395_zpsa32923b2.jpg  photo IMG_5397_zpsfa4dc0de.jpg  photo IMG_5402_zps05a0a584.jpg  photo IMG_5411_zpsc0728d82.jpg  photo IMG_5418_zpsd5b2aeb6.jpg  photo IMG_5434_zpsa02fab0a.jpg  photo IMG_5446_zps5f6d4237.jpg  photo IMG_5467_zpsa4e254c8.jpg  photo IMG_5476_zps0edc9e93.jpg  photo IMG_5485_zps137b5d69.jpg  photo IMG_5503_zpsdb6c7158.jpg  photo IMG_5505BW_zps48baf0a4.jpg  photo IMG_5535_zps4cd51873.jpg  photo IMG_5549_zps35814071.jpg  photo IMG_5554_zpsd42487f1.jpg  photo IMG_5564_zps50802a94.jpg  photo IMG_5569_zpsf3caad4d.jpg  photo IMG_5571BW_zpsc6a69839.jpg  photo IMG_5573_zpsb7430e89.jpg  photo IMG_5586_zps21dcf5d8.jpg

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