Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lucas {9 Months}, Peter {4} and Family

Awe this family is just so sweet and adorable.  I hadn't really seen them since Lucas was born and he has, of course, changed so much!  Peter is a super energetic and silly boy who has such a fun personality and Lucas was just so sweet.  Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys again and capture your family before we move away!  Glad we can keep in touch on Facebook!!!

 photo IMG_4515_zps28382000.jpg  photo IMG_4548_zpsf21681b0.jpg  photo IMG_4554_zps8da2d3a3.jpg  photo IMG_4583BW_zps3acd87b9.jpg  photo IMG_4592_zpsdbe36ace.jpg  photo IMG_4597_zps717082d0.jpg  photo IMG_4627BW_zps34f93a56.jpg  photo IMG_4634_zpsad5baa7d.jpg  photo IMG_4636_zps1384a45b.jpg

 photo IMG_4670_zps69bf4d8c.jpg  photo IMG_4731_zpsfb8ebec4.jpg  photo IMG_4735BW_zps4b47eaa7.jpg  photo IMG_4764_zps927604b3.jpg  photo IMG_4776_zps70bf37d6.jpg  photo IMG_4810_zps5f8ce2b2.jpg  photo IMG_4819_zpsaeb27c44.jpg  photo IMG_4824BW_zps8dbbfb53.jpg  photo IMG_4863_zpseb17bbe3.jpg

 photo IMG_4887_zps9084b144.jpg  photo IMG_4913_zps5992eab5.jpg  photo IMG_4923_zpsb87d1d40.jpg  photo IMG_4967_zps4ac505a8.jpg  photo IMG_4973_zpsaa0ee30c.jpg  photo IMG_5018_zps288271fc.jpg  photo IMG_5039_zps9d692a08.jpg

 photo IMG_5060_zpsddb77cb4.jpg  photo IMG_5062_zps2374508e.jpg  photo IMG_5071_zps2b513987.jpg  photo IMG_5104_zps5edf59b4.jpg  photo IMG_5115_zpsf4a8dbff.jpg  photo IMG_5174_zps8ea4a95f.jpg  photo IMG_5181BW_zps7c3db06e.jpg

 photo IMG_5211_zpseb6e3c64.jpg

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