Monday, June 16, 2014

Claire {ONE!}, Miles {3}, Sofia {5} and Family

So here is another family I absolutely love - like, we hang out multiple times a week and our kids are best friends kind of love.  We are leaving many families we adore next week, but saying goodbye to this family is going to hurt the most.  We just have so much fun when we are together!  Love you guys!!

 photo IMG_3805_zps484f7eb5.jpg  photo IMG_3823_zps40e71ef7.jpg  photo IMG_3826_zpsf95952e6.jpg  photo IMG_3844_zps44ed0041.jpg  photo IMG_3842BW_zps44f9a179.jpg  photo IMG_3886_zpsb7b757aa.jpg  photo IMG_4022_zps5f8d4dd7.png  photo IMG_4030_zps53c78b2e.jpg  photo IMG_3966BW_zps48d953b7.jpg  photo IMG_4096_zpsa50e7560.jpg  photo IMG_4063_zpsb4062c0f.jpg  photo IMG_4077BW_zps1e1dc7ab.jpg  photo IMG_4048_zps23ade886.jpg  photo IMG_4059_zps400bb77a.jpg  photo IMG_4168_zpsb9298e31.jpg  photo IMG_4189_zps8bdfc764.jpg  photo IMG_4178_zpsbe0d1290.jpg  photo IMG_3908_zps01573982.jpg  photo IMG_4117_zps13b7bfd2.jpg  photo IMG_4140_zps56511f40.jpg  photo IMG_4156_zps50d640f0.jpg  photo IMG_4196_zps0110be95.jpg  photo IMG_4213_zps4e9c91a8.jpg  photo IMG_4229_zpsf91fbf1a.jpg  photo IMG_4251_zps9f4ba86e.jpg  photo IMG_4275_zps80388f64.jpg  photo IMG_4328_zpsa9cece33.jpg  photo IMG_4343_zpsb0be99ec.jpg  photo IMG_4305_zps1a545274.jpg  photo IMG_4313_zps5c7176c5.jpg  photo IMG_4324_zps945e82ad.png  photo IMG_4352BW_zpsb6aef3e8.jpg  photo IMG_4376_zps528d4602.jpg  photo IMG_4406_zpse1f5a75f.jpg  photo IMG_4420_zps222dfa99.jpg  photo IMG_4430_zps9856073c.jpg

 photo IMG_4476_zps98c95abe.jpg

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