Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lucas {3}, Cole {10 Months} and Family - MINI Session

This family is just gorgeous, aren't they?!  I really wish I could have spent more time with them while here in MI.  We hung out a little bit after Cole was born during the mother's maternity leave, but since then we just see them every once in a while but I always enjoy it.  We had a great time exploring the Botanical Garden's Children's Garden and the kids did awesome.  So happy we squeezed in this shoot before I moved away!

 photo IMG_1756_zps820a860a.jpg  photo IMG_1775_zps4ec55bf4.jpg  photo IMG_1810_zps203f295a.jpg  photo IMG_1832_zps43035ede.jpg  photo IMG_1836_zpsfd07c51a.jpg  photo IMG_1843_zpsc31bc259.jpg  photo IMG_1878_zpsc2f59604.jpg  photo IMG_1897_zps0983ad1d.jpg  photo IMG_1920BW_zps758e9dee.jpg  photo IMG_1971_zps39344e61.jpg  photo IMG_1979_zps33ed16bc.jpg  photo IMG_1995_zpsb8cebb86.jpg  photo IMG_2055_zps8f684c61.jpg  photo IMG_2082_zps4ec51489.jpg  photo IMG_2107_zpsfd8ffc3b.jpg  photo IMG_2125_zps64c67a7a.jpg

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