Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Charlotte {1} and Family

I got to see this little girl and her parents one more time before I leave!  Could this family be any cuter?!  Charlotte is a very active little 13 month old now and definitely made me work!  I enjoyed it though and have loved seeing her grow throughout the past year.  Thank you for letting me capture the first year of your first born baby - it has been awesome.  Best of luck to you guys in your journey and feel free to end up in North Dakota too ;)

 photo IMG_2593_zpsb236069d.jpg  photo IMG_2600_zps84b322b0.jpg  photo IMG_2613_zpsd266df11.jpg  photo IMG_2616_zps96735d74.jpg  photo IMG_2626_zps4c1f9060.jpg  photo IMG_2633BW_zpsbb080f26.jpg  photo IMG_2634_zps98ab58f1.jpg  photo IMG_2643_zpsddd8816e.jpg  photo IMG_2648_zpse415c769.jpg  photo IMG_2651BW_zpsf7ca3c2f.jpg  photo IMG_2667_zpsb7ebd7ec.jpg  photo IMG_2696_zps3cc4fcd0.jpg  photo IMG_2708_zpsfea34549.jpg  photo IMG_2738_zps8872f980.jpg  photo IMG_2755_zps25716549.jpg  photo IMG_2786_zps2ff10621.jpg  photo IMG_2791_zpsbf102540.jpg  photo IMG_2809_zpsa115158b.jpg  photo IMG_2823_zps7120eadf.jpg  photo IMG_2844_zpsc5eebdf3.jpg  photo IMG_2854_zpse4cbb01f.jpg  photo IMG_2860_zpsd6a441f0.jpg  photo IMG_2870_zps1932b8e2.jpg  photo IMG_2874_zps49f2b015.jpg  photo IMG_2878_zps5be94e01.jpg  photo IMG_2890_zpse7fa08f3.jpg  photo IMG_2906_zpsf79df259.jpg  photo IMG_2910_zps1214d27d.jpg  photo IMG_2928BW_zpsf2319432.jpg  photo IMG_2946BW_zpsc9868eff.jpg  photo IMG_2954_zps85962681.jpg

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