Friday, June 13, 2014

Elsie {2}, Sawyer {4}, Braden {5} and Family

I have already shared how much I LOVE this family and I really really do.  They are lifelong friends we made while living here in Ann Arbor, but they moved to Kentucky last year.  We finally made it down to visit them last weekend and I was able to do a shoot for them!  This family is adorable and just totally awesome. All of the kids get along so well with our three boys and we miss our almost daily play dates we used to have.  Pictured in the background is Cincinnati, Ohio and it was fun to try out a new location and a new city.  I wish this family would just move to North Dakota with us!  Instead we will have to plan beach vacations together ;) Can't wait to see you guys again soon!

 photo IMG_3283_zps5d68c567.jpg  photo IMG_3292_zps36842246.jpg  photo IMG_3298_zps9025ca6a.jpg  photo IMG_3321_zpsffa7bb1c.jpg  photo IMG_3335_zpsebabe833.jpg  photo IMG_3338_zps48579a35.jpg  photo IMG_3347_zps76884ec3.png  photo IMG_3344BW_zpsd7f6bc40.jpg  photo IMG_3362BW_zps83af5196.jpg  photo IMG_3372_zpsfb0533be.jpg  photo IMG_3387_zpsda4355ee.jpg  photo IMG_3401_zpsea161c56.png  photo IMG_3449_zps1a8e0427.jpg  photo IMG_3474_zps3e5a6c6b.jpg  photo IMG_3489_zps954c4ec6.jpg  photo IMG_3493_zpsc1394a75.jpg  photo IMG_3506_zps783de290.jpg  photo IMG_3514_zps84de70cc.jpg  photo IMG_3519_zps6fd65e16.jpg  photo IMG_3527BW_zps7e0f24b6.jpg  photo IMG_3536_zps719c339c.jpg  photo IMG_3543_zpsa5841284.jpg  photo IMG_3570_zps2f2e433d.jpg  photo IMG_3594_zpsec4766aa.jpg  photo IMG_3602_zpsaa114471.jpg  photo IMG_3611_zpsf16e17a1.jpg  photo IMG_3629BW_zps6ae57fe9.jpg  photo IMG_3644_zpsa2bd4380.jpg  photo IMG_3651_zps56d10369.jpg  photo IMG_3679BW_zps54aee79a.jpg  photo IMG_3682_zpsba273303.jpg  photo IMG_3686_zps8d31c2bd.jpg  photo IMG_3728_zpsd4688a78.jpg  photo IMG_3749BW_zps3382db6e.jpg

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