Friday, May 2, 2014

Cece {16 Months}

I just adore this little girl and if she was my daughter I would be photographing her constantly as I am just a tad obsessed with her eyes.  She is also full of personality and just so so sweet.  I have loved watching her grow as I have gotten to know her and her mommy (who made the blue outfit and the quilt - so talented!) - just such a wonderful family.  I will really miss you guys once we move, but thank goodness for the world of social media!

 photo IMG_5069_zpsa7e9da35.jpg  photo IMG_5086_zps7399ca67.jpg  photo IMG_5089BW_zpsd4b2bcf3.jpg  photo IMG_5109_zpsbc99a58e.jpg

 photo IMG_5142_zps45b09cf1.jpg  photo IMG_5152_zps6f86f58b.jpg  photo IMG_5158_zpsa17776ee.jpg  photo IMG_5170_zps902a9012.jpg 
I had to take a few photos between outfit changes!
 photo IMG_5182_zpsa3b16eaa.jpg  photo IMG_5185_zps58428bc3.jpg  photo IMG_5192_zps41cf32ea.jpg  photo IMG_5200_zps829982bd.jpg  photo IMG_5202_zpsf19dace9.jpg  photo IMG_5220_zpsce8c9993.jpg  photo IMG_5229_zps27350363.jpg  photo IMG_5247_zpsabfe6ed6.jpg  photo IMG_5259_zpsc57cc1b7.jpg

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