Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lyla {almost 4}, Avery {18 Months} and Family

This family lives by us - well they used to live across the street from us and then moved about a block away and we have continued to play and hang out.  I have watched both girls grow from babies into little girls which has been so fun.  We will miss you guys when we move!!!
 photo IMG_9452_zps03ccf9ac.jpg

 photo IMG_9458BW_zpsdfe1dda7.png

 photo IMG_9490_zpsabef73b2.jpg  photo IMG_9501BW_zps2d19406c.jpg  photo IMG_9528BW_zps4ce24a37.jpg  photo IMG_9538_zps1c14651a.jpg  photo IMG_9554_zps3e85c7e1.jpg  photo IMG_9563BW_zpsc7faa851.jpg  photo IMG_9567_zpscf3dbfae.jpg  photo IMG_9569_zpsd07b1abe.jpg  photo IMG_9584_zps42e0f6c1.jpg  photo IMG_9590_zps885adbfb.jpg  photo IMG_9598_zps3fa8df06.jpg  photo IMG_9608_zps2f2d848b.jpg  photo IMG_9625_zpse7742e20.jpg  photo IMG_9632_zps6b8cc1ab.jpg  photo IMG_9663BW_zpsc56a328e.jpg  photo IMG_9682_zps745d1835.jpg  photo IMG_9691_zps4807c743.jpg  photo IMG_9694_zps3fdf12da.jpg  photo IMG_9710_zps115720cc.jpg  photo IMG_9723BW_zps6bab3f13.jpg  photo IMG_9732_zps3733bf48.jpg  photo IMG_9742_zps0ce8a224.jpg  photo IMG_9757_zps15527a6e.jpg  photo IMG_9795_zps0148ccc3.jpg  photo IMG_9805_zps65585c19.jpg  photo IMG_9825_zpsb2e7909d.jpg  photo IMG_9858_zps9fb5f0b1.jpg  photo IMG_9867_zpsc8095995.jpg  photo IMG_9884BW_zps9a66684c.jpg  photo IMG_9891_zps97f431e1.jpg  photo IMG_9906_zps50ef0945.jpg  photo IMG_9912_zpsd6557c66.jpg

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