Thursday, May 1, 2014

Henrik {ONE!} and Family - Plus Cake Smash

I met this little guy when he was just three months old and now he is already one - time sure does fly these days!  He is so so cute and hasn't changed much - just bigger this time!  His mommy sews, making the yellow shirt in the first photos as well as the quilt in the cake smash and outdoor pictures - loved them.  It was awesome seeing you guys again and Happy Birthday, Henrik!!

 photo IMG_4549_zpsc80197ac.jpg  photo IMG_4558_zpsbcc090ef.jpg  photo IMG_4562BW_zpsc6a55d00.jpg  photo IMG_4579_zps3e6ec3f2.jpg  photo IMG_4584_zps64edabdf.jpg  photo IMG_4609_zps8b97546b.jpg  photo IMG_4627_zps6ef86243.jpg  photo IMG_4631_zps2f3d7cba.jpg  photo IMG_4669_zps96e9aaf6.jpg  photo IMG_4673_zpsc3432063.jpg  photo IMG_4714_zps76c87a4e.jpg  photo IMG_4726_zpsba877c46.jpg  photo IMG_4731_zpsb1d8f06d.jpg  photo IMG_4737_zpsb4e932ce.jpg  photo IMG_4757_zps1b649c14.jpg  photo IMG_4784_zps06fcb6c4.jpg  photo IMG_4832_zps98d7202c.jpg  photo IMG_4857BW_zps4a2467a2.jpg  photo IMG_4868BW_zpsc3e3eec1.jpg  photo IMG_4893_zps24b1b9f0.jpg  photo IMG_4913BW_zpsb4363f72.jpg  photo IMG_4919_zpsb87f6a89.jpg  photo IMG_4923_zps1cfef548.jpg  photo IMG_4925_zps77658089.jpg  photo IMG_4929_zps55cc7b39.jpg  photo IMG_4939_zps2671845a.jpg  photo IMG_4943BW_zps7a3c6e8a.jpg  photo IMG_4970BW_zpsd4dc62b6.jpg  photo IMG_4979_zpsae886967.jpg  photo IMG_4983_zps4bfe8f62.jpg  photo IMG_5001_zps4e49058d.jpg  photo IMG_5013_zps20166d82.jpg  photo IMG_5028_zps53145e7e.jpg  photo IMG_5043_zpsa98171e8.jpg

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