Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ella {2 1/2} and Family - MINI Session

This adorable family drove 1 1/2 hours to see me for a MINI session this past Saturday. We lucked out with a beautiful night with gorgeous sun.  Ella is such a fun, silly, energetic, spunky little girl with a contagious giggle.  Mom and Dad love to take photos of Ella so she is very used to a camera pointed at her which is always more of a challenge for me, but capturing her natural energy and personality is what I prefer anyway.  It was great meeting you three and I hope it was worth the drive for these photos!!!

 photo IMG_0007_zps8ec30a8c.jpg  photo IMG_0052_zps9be40eec.jpg  photo IMG_9950_zpsa6f29118.jpg  photo IMG_9977_zps42eb6d3a.jpg  photo IMG_0110_zps66b815a3.jpg  photo IMG_0117_zpsbaf2f9b8.jpg  photo IMG_0141_zps51dbfd9f.jpg  photo IMG_0143_zps570d14a7.jpg  photo IMG_0175_zpsd91d772e.jpg  photo IMG_0179_zps1176e9af.jpg  photo IMG_0194_zps2a072bd1.jpg  photo IMG_0232_zps3f8bd5d3.jpg  photo IMG_0239_zps319904c2.jpg  photo IMG_0286_zps6ad193ff.jpg  photo IMG_0309_zps629b254f.jpg

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