Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gavin {7}, Lukas {4} and Family

It was so great meeting this awesome family!  We actually met because I had bought a couple newborn bonnets from her off of Facebook - she is the talent behind Flawless Fashion and Gifts and you will be seeing lost of her work in the future newborn sessions as we did a big swap! I had been talking with the her for months off and on about this session and about whatever else came up and we came up with the perfect location to achieve what she was hoping.  We also completely lucked out with the weather (well we rescheduled once) and the light - it was amazing.  And these little boys...could they be any cuter?!  Love this family and love this session!

 photo IMG_6429_zps4feb7f20.jpg  photo IMG_6457_zps5bac9470.jpg  photo IMG_6481_zps91ca3d67.jpg  photo IMG_6491BW_zps80b956d7.jpg  photo IMG_6504_zps5106bc7a.jpg  photo IMG_6530_zps1c746500.jpg  photo IMG_6553BW_zps4efdf691.jpg  photo IMG_6566_zps3fdb14c8.jpg  photo IMG_6583_zps8a37dc4c.jpg  photo IMG_6591_zps5168f9cf.jpg  photo IMG_6608_zps7591d633.jpg  photo IMG_6652_zps69821a5d.jpg  photo IMG_6674_zps16c16d8d.jpg  photo IMG_6677BW_zpsfc43a2da.jpg  photo IMG_6744_zpsf6fdc6be.jpg  photo IMG_6761_zpsde1b5ec7.jpg  photo IMG_6777_zps92b7c95b.jpg  photo IMG_6786_zps33a89abb.jpg  photo IMG_6796_zpsfd8352f8.jpg  photo IMG_6811_zps2666d12f.jpg  photo IMG_6814_zps2c1e0c51.jpg  photo IMG_6817BW_zpsa2a54b98.jpg  photo IMG_6823_zps018b6255.jpg  photo IMG_6836_zps122ac657.jpg  photo IMG_6874BW_zps6af3e69d.jpg  photo IMG_6884_zps7e62846b.jpg  photo IMG_6888_zpsc3857096.jpg  photo IMG_6929_zps4ddbce2a.jpg  photo IMG_6976_zpsce2767ae.jpg  photo IMG_6986_zpsfbf67f45.jpg  photo IMG_6988_zps92ecf8db.jpg  photo IMG_7010_zpsc531a815.jpg  photo IMG_7066_zpse9678196.jpg  photo IMG_7088_zps7c5a49a7.jpg  photo IMG_7132_zps038c1ab9.jpg  photo IMG_7164_zps52050c72.jpg  photo IMG_7171BW_zpsd221bd74.jpg  photo IMG_7194_zps2274643d.jpg 
The boys brought their grandmother and aunt along to be in a couple shots!
 photo IMG_7231_zps4a8b0d43.jpg  photo IMG_7262BW_zps938ae090.jpg

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