Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Leo {2} and Family

This is the 3rd time I have photographed this little cutie and his parents over the past year or so and it's been so fun watching him grow!  He is full of energy and loves to explore - I am glad I brought my tricycle and stool with to keep him still for a few seconds!  We had a great time on a beautiful evening and I will miss these guys...

 photo IMG_7896_zps1aaf9a81.jpg  photo IMG_7905BW_zps9c330a1c.jpg  photo IMG_7914_zps35c2bdde.jpg  photo IMG_7941_zps445568d5.jpg  photo IMG_7949_zps07f44ffd.jpg  photo IMG_7959BW_zps59805495.jpg  photo IMG_7968_zpscfd6c0e3.jpg  photo IMG_7971_zps26b223ea.jpg  photo IMG_7985_zps10eeb36a.jpg  photo IMG_7990BW_zps1d4f17e9.jpg  photo IMG_8019_zps2dfe69b8.jpg  photo IMG_8022_zpsc8d5eafa.jpg  photo IMG_8056_zpsb50efe55.jpg  photo IMG_8060_zps55a31877.jpg  photo IMG_8076BW_zps5052713c.jpg  photo IMG_8081_zpsccdf3803.jpg  photo IMG_8105_zps1a960b67.jpg  photo IMG_8123BW_zps63480f06.jpg  photo IMG_8140_zpsa8b498f9.jpg  photo IMG_8155BW_zps196ca561.jpg  photo IMG_8163_zps01b2a441.jpg  photo IMG_8166_zps79126017.jpg  photo IMG_8205_zps81363daa.jpg  photo IMG_8208_zps3e23cd03.jpg  photo IMG_8216_zps694ff7e1.jpg  photo IMG_8227_zpsb8092fb4.jpg  photo IMG_8230_zps25932376.jpg  photo IMG_8248BW_zps427735d9.jpg  photo IMG_8281_zps65252e75.jpg  photo IMG_8298_zpsf077dc25.jpg  photo IMG_8314_zpsc57dcdf1.jpg

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