Monday, May 5, 2014

Avery {6} and Evan {2} - MINI Session

I always love photographing these kids and have been for 3 years now!  Luckily I don't really have to even say goodbye to them when we move because they are moving to ND the same day as us :)  Avery has always been one of my favorites because she has such a radiant personality and it's an added bonus that she is so beautiful.  She is officially growing up as she has started losing her baby teeth and I think it's just adorable.  Evan has been fun to watch grow from a newborn baby into a little boy and he is such a handsome guy who is silly and so fun.  Loved spending some time with you guys and looking forward to more shoots in ND!

 photo IMG_5265_zpsdd90d20b.jpg  photo IMG_5293_zpse840e1bc.jpg  photo IMG_5298_zpsc1567efb.jpg  photo IMG_5334_zps46eaec9b.jpg  photo IMG_5343_zps99f203de.jpg  photo IMG_5373BW_zpsd4168564.jpg  photo IMG_5384_zpsc39ddf7c.jpg  photo IMG_5426_zpsfe05e3a9.jpg  photo IMG_5433_zps65fce59f.jpg  photo IMG_5447_zps55fea83c.jpg  photo IMG_5459_zps59b9d083.jpg  photo IMG_5467_zps793741e3.jpg  photo IMG_5493_zpseffbe635.jpg

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