Saturday, May 24, 2014

Paige {Almost 2} and Family

I know I say this a lot, but I really cannot believe this little girl is going to be 2 in a month already!  I photographed her as a newborn and throughout her first year and when I realized I hadn't seen her for a whole year I was shocked!  We met on a beautiful evening with her parents and grandmother.  Paige was trying not to give me smiles for a while but then we started singing one of her favorite songs and it worked like a charm.  She is full of personality and energy and I am bummed that I can't continue to watch her grow in person - thank goodness for Facebook!  Will miss you guys!!

 photo IMG_8327_zps867cbabe.jpg  photo IMG_8332_zpsfc9a668a.jpg  photo IMG_8367_zps91387c83.jpg  photo IMG_8380_zps13a53277.jpg  photo IMG_8385_zpsc0675659.jpg  photo IMG_8390_zps351da07a.jpg  photo IMG_8415_zps6c5844ae.jpg  photo IMG_8428_zps73a6cb15.jpg  photo IMG_8453_zpsac503454.jpg  photo IMG_8462_zps0ea3824c.jpg  photo IMG_8480_zps249db649.jpg  photo IMG_8503_zpsa516c2fc.jpg  photo IMG_8520_zpsce35e0a3.jpg  photo IMG_8534_zpsc05d270f.jpg  photo IMG_8581_zpsff55c09e.jpg  photo IMG_8597_zpsc4232f2c.jpg  photo IMG_8601_zps81603d23.jpg  photo IMG_8625_zpsebbbce90.jpg  photo IMG_8648_zps586fdfe7.jpg  photo IMG_8654_zpsd404c05b.jpg  photo IMG_8686_zpsc3d3e1d6.jpg  photo IMG_8694_zps56c57861.jpg  photo IMG_8712_zpsd3528bc8.jpg  photo IMG_8731_zps5d1785f6.jpg  photo IMG_8750_zpsbbbd9908.jpg  photo IMG_8762_zps4523bcd2.jpg  photo IMG_8801_zps53eee78c.jpg  photo IMG_8824_zpse541696d.jpg  photo IMG_8841_zps3d44d9dc.jpg  photo IMG_8851_zpsf7fdfc7c.jpg  photo IMG_8861_zpsbfc5d183.jpg

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