Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ellie {5}, Maya {almost 3}, Thomas (Tommy) {13 days old} and Family

I have done a few shoots for this family and it's always a joy - Ellie and Maya have such silly, fun personalities and now they get to share that with their baby brother, Tommy.  They really could not love him more than they do and he's a lucky little boy to have them.  I am so happy for you guys and your new, perfect baby!!!

 photo IMG_5979_zps7c592e59.jpg  photo IMG_5980BW_zps855f6cc8.jpg  photo IMG_5987_zpsb8910350.jpg  photo IMG_5990_zps059f8daf.jpg  photo IMG_6009_zps068f5f37.jpg  photo IMG_6024BW_zps8c8a7fa0.jpg  photo IMG_6035_zps6864b96d.jpg  photo IMG_6038BW_zpsbdb19d55.jpg  photo IMG_6040_zps5e6f30d0.jpg  photo IMG_6047_zps672dc4d6.jpg  photo IMG_6048BW_zpse87122a9.jpg  photo IMG_6052_zpse73d4115.jpg  photo IMG_6064_zpsde42c8bd.jpg  photo IMG_6068BW_zpsa62569e5.jpg  photo IMG_6083_zpsec3a74f7.jpg

 photo IMG_5660_zpscf7c8db8.jpg  photo IMG_5679_zps1f1a9d64.jpg  photo IMG_5685BW_zpsfdf54daa.jpg  photo IMG_5695_zpsef76047b.jpg  photo IMG_5778_zps2f4e444e.jpg  photo IMG_5794_zps01162521.jpg  photo IMG_5829BW_zps06088c69.jpg  photo IMG_5831BW_zps3135c2f9.jpg  photo IMG_5849_zps09483f68.jpg  photo IMG_5860BW_zps38853571.jpg  photo IMG_5931_zps32b8b6f7.jpg  photo IMG_5946BW_zpsc63d0c9c.jpg  photo IMG_5960_zps7c6ea92b.jpg  photo IMG_5966_zpsa6c60a39.jpg  photo IMG_5970BW_zps4d66560c.jpg

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