Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Raelyn {4}, Camden {2} and Family

This family is adorable and just happens to be our very long time friends - by long time I am saying we have been friends a LONG time!  I go way back to elementary school with the mother and my husband lived on the same street as the father while growing up.  So to say this family is special to us would be an understatement.  We have been through so much throughout the years and although we don't see each other nearly as much as we used to, that doesn't matter.  We will always be friends and I am hoping our children will be too.

Rae and Cam are full of personality!  I love doing shoots for them because I get to know them better and focus just on them (instead of having the distraction of our crazy kids when we get together!).  As always, it was great photographing you guys!

 photo IMG_6863FB_zpszoddk7ws.jpg  photo IMG_6874_zpsovnk0cpc.jpg  photo IMG_6900_zpspcpf28bk.jpg  photo IMG_6931FB_zpsb9jqsjgc.jpg  photo IMG_6960_zpsreqrsaeq.jpg  photo IMG_6995_zpsyz6yvfqz.jpg  photo IMG_7021_zpstn5ecapu.jpg  photo IMG_7048_zpsc9polov1.jpg  photo IMG_7076_zpsctiv8szu.jpg  photo IMG_7107_zpsnzd8jc4v.jpg  photo IMG_7142FB_zpse6fnbkti.jpg  photo IMG_7167FB_zpsgrbcegok.jpg  photo IMG_7195FB_zpseublbfut.jpg  photo IMG_7199FB_zpsj9oqyhnt.jpg  photo IMG_7213_zps0jpbfabi.jpg

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