Thursday, September 3, 2015

Gabe {2}, Makenzie {Almost 4} and Family

This family is just adorable and were so sweet.  I photographed Makenzie and Gabe last year around this time and I just love when families come back to me so I can see how much the children have grown!  They are such cuties and were so fun to be with. I was happy to get mom and dad into some photos this year too because it's just so important to have photos as a family at least every couple of years.  It was so great seeing you all again!!!
 photo IMG_2290_zpswgdsgau2.jpg  photo IMG_2294BW_zpsvbonfygz.jpg  photo IMG_2297_zpsmoabuk34.jpg  photo IMG_2306_zps8zjhdbk4.jpg  photo IMG_2314_zpsz3i6tzyj.jpg  photo IMG_2338_zpsfmmaywfp.jpg  photo IMG_2344_zpsrhb9cbqw.jpg  photo IMG_2352_zpsqia35gea.jpg  photo IMG_2381_zpsjlinu4bx.jpg  photo IMG_2393_zpsn8sw0fnc.jpg  photo IMG_2385_zpswq1xsnuy.jpg  photo IMG_2415_zps6kmlpp9w.jpg  photo IMG_2411_zpstbjkuiva.jpg  photo IMG_2447_zpsfyyeosfr.jpg  photo IMG_2450_zpseahrxlqa.jpg  photo IMG_2481_zps9bjfufer.jpg  photo IMG_2493_zpsivaocxvu.jpg  photo IMG_2539_zpsusmg5rhk.jpg  photo IMG_2544_zpstfs7lmnq.jpg  photo IMG_2556_zpsnpealxft.jpg  photo IMG_2565_zpsza1tv7l2.jpg  photo IMG_2570_zpsd8lzqb3b.jpg  photo IMG_2582_zpsh7gqm9fx.jpg  photo IMG_2639_zpspxrmffwd.jpg  photo IMG_2642_zpsefdcliyp.jpg  photo IMG_2653BW_zpsbrd4xw3s.jpg  photo IMG_2660_zpsf9plovz1.jpg  photo IMG_2677_zpsx0nnogua.jpg  photo IMG_2709_zps8uusdu7t.jpg  photo IMG_2696_zpswpj5iy0b.jpg  photo IMG_2684_zpsakffmfm6.jpg

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