Sunday, September 13, 2015

Owen {2} and Family

I am a lucky auntie to call this little Owen my nephew!  He is the cutest little thing and his smile lights up a room immediately.  I am so happy to be living in Fargo again so we can watch him grow and get to know him instead of living 14 hours away.  We see him and his parents almost every weekend and love our time together.  Owen is a funny little boy who loves anything with wheels right now - and there happened to be a tractor at the shoot which he also didn't want to leave alone.  It was fitting to get a couple photos with the tractor and also fitting to get one crying shot as he is a typical 2-year-old now with a tough moment here and there.  Love you little dude and Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

 photo IMG_3944_zpsax2jvct7.jpg  photo IMG_3959_zpsrbwd0qls.jpg  photo IMG_3964_zpssjdsvz0v.jpg  photo IMG_3974FB_zpstorysrxb.jpg  photo IMG_3990_zpsfzwgfbv6.jpg  photo IMG_3995_zpst0idkpf1.jpg
 photo IMG_4008_zpskfn5tavs.jpg  photo IMG_4041FB_zpsk2ketryb.jpg  photo IMG_4050_zps7chjbnji.jpg  photo IMG_4057BW_zps5cngrmwy.jpg  photo IMG_4069FB_zps8ur0muvp.jpg  photo IMG_4081FB_zpspfr6mcpz.jpg  photo IMG_4138_zpskosdnxcf.jpg  photo IMG_4152_zpsjmrlz6o3.jpg  photo IMG_4160_zpseasljh2g.jpg  photo IMG_4164_zps9kgsjta2.jpg  photo IMG_4178_zps71w39wbf.jpg  photo IMG_4192_zps2asq2gsy.jpg  photo IMG_4209_zpsi72cyoia.jpg  photo IMG_4215_zpsi3elprnf.jpg  photo IMG_4235_zpsrfkne1gl.jpg  photo IMG_4245FB_zpsqwuzzowt.jpg

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