Friday, September 25, 2015

Link {6}, Kora {5}, Tripp {4}, Jet {2} and Family

It was so fun photographing this family - not easy necessarily because of how many young children they have, but I loved getting to know them better! I have been watching all of these children grow on Facebook and now I feel like I kind of actually know them instead of just feeling like I do via cyber space, ha.  This family is just beautiful, inside and out.  It's Jet's birthday today, so I am glad I got these posted on his special day! Happy Birthday Jet and thank you for hiring me to photograph you guys!!!

 photo IMG_5496_zpsfcecqp6b.jpg  photo IMG_5514_zpsdsqtulk2.jpg  photo IMG_5537_zpsnczabicj.jpg  photo IMG_5605_zps2vhw5kc9.jpg  photo IMG_5643_zpslbejrsvh.jpg  photo IMG_5657_zps2biq6utu.jpg  photo IMG_5678_zpsulfnpwgh.jpg  photo IMG_5694_zpsqhfmfovh.jpg  photo IMG_5742_zpsjwuvvxno.jpg  photo IMG_5750_zpskufksfjq.jpg  photo IMG_5800_zpsgol6iyy1.jpg  photo IMG_5802_zpsivzwraru.jpg  photo IMG_5846_zpsvavu62te.jpg  photo IMG_5859_zpsiqqr0l70.jpg  photo IMG_5881_zpsf2bpib1h.jpg  photo IMG_5882_zpstx77b5m1.jpg  photo IMG_5893_zpstd4ix3ob.jpg  photo IMG_5925_zpse1iaa9n8.jpg  photo IMG_5958_zpsvf6pp3ei.jpg  photo IMG_5992_zpsvg7rxrq5.jpg  photo IMG_6006_zpsvvqrzdhu.jpg  photo IMG_6018_zpsu3tgdnvj.jpg  photo IMG_6031BW_zps0gqkvprg.jpg

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