Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ethan {2}, Emmie {4} and Family

This beautiful family was so fun to be with and I loved seeing them again this year! Emmie and Ethan are adorable, inside and out, and it's obvious they have a lot of fun together.  Silly Ethan was very concerned that there were lions at the park so he was often looking around for them. Emmie is turning 5 in a couple of months and it happens to be her golden birthday so you will be seeing more of her soon!  Cannot wait to do a golden birthday shoot and I think Emmie will be so fun as she's just a natural in front of the camera!    

 photo IMG_5120_zps8o0shook.jpg  photo IMG_5129FB_zpsrppptri6.jpg

 photo IMG_5191_zps58jmbfnr.jpg  photo IMG_5205FB_zps3t7fgfox.jpg  photo IMG_5216_zpslw0xiahg.jpg  photo IMG_5240FB_zps7eepwmve.jpg  photo IMG_5255_zpsjg8tay3x.jpg  photo IMG_5287_zpsfseiajbr.jpg  photo IMG_5310_zps3a7kibha.jpg  photo IMG_5319_zpszlz4tybw.jpg  photo IMG_5332_zpst0mwm3dc.jpg  photo IMG_5350_zpsx7hjab2k.jpg  photo IMG_5361_zpsnpvblefi.jpg  photo IMG_5369_zpsb7gptykr.jpg  photo IMG_5379FB_zpspgm5srlp.jpg  photo IMG_5408_zpsavifpfna.jpg  photo IMG_5426_zpsikqnxjff.jpg  photo IMG_5437_zps7bswvvsa.jpg  photo IMG_5446_zps0ve3md9c.jpg  photo IMG_5451_zpsfa1cr43a.jpg  photo IMG_5452_zps0yigy7l8.jpg  photo IMG_5461_zps7gmh0wu7.jpg  photo IMG_5469_zps1vkqeywv.jpg  photo IMG_5486_zpscjsbkupa.jpg

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