Monday, September 21, 2015

Holt {1 Year Old!} and Family

This adorable little boy...such a joy to be around.  He is the son of one of my best friends from high school.  He took a little while to bring into this world and then got a little too excited to get out and was born a couple of months early, but he is doing wonderfully.  He is full of personality, as you can see, and cute as can be.  I was excited to do a cake smash with him and he did not disappoint!  He smashed that cake and got nice and messy.  It has been so fun watching Holt grow over the past year! Happy Birthday, little dude!

 photo IMG_4521_zpsqeb2oyul.jpg  photo IMG_4549_zpszxtq2hhq.jpg  photo IMG_4556FB_zpsqcr6vcke.jpg  photo IMG_4557_zpsbtfdrv6l.jpg  photo IMG_4570BW_zpsnocqiisj.jpg  photo IMG_4574_zpsd749rrce.jpg  photo IMG_4588BW_zpsnohjkyj8.jpg  photo IMG_4592_zps8f3biviw.jpg  photo IMG_4599_zpsab6oebt7.jpg  photo IMG_4604_zps1hwndjk5.jpg  photo IMG_4618FB_zpswtyso6ot.jpg  photo IMG_4653FB_zpsrhoceslx.jpg  photo IMG_4672_zpstbfvhzgy.jpg  photo IMG_4681FB_zps7ninkqpx.jpg  photo IMG_4693_zpsoaom4pqz.jpg  photo IMG_4702_zpsijmx46ue.jpg  photo IMG_4722FB_zpsvmai2rou.jpg  photo IMG_4739_zpsyzp0cuxg.jpg  photo IMG_4750BW_zpsokakiug4.jpg  photo IMG_4760_zps9zjh3qh1.jpg  photo IMG_4772_zpsmebukxcg.jpg  photo IMG_4784_zpsn14eg9kc.jpg  photo IMG_4790_zpssm6kvvp0.jpg  photo IMG_4800_zpsvahlterg.jpg  photo IMG_4803_zpsj2ire2zx.jpg  photo IMG_4812_zpsy2boud1g.jpg  photo IMG_4835_zpshub7ykkf.jpg  photo IMG_4841_zpsqgagj513.jpg  photo IMG_4884_zpsaawky0il.jpg  photo IMG_4899_zpsf8csrxlj.jpg  photo IMG_4914_zpsdrg3fcut.jpg  photo IMG_4928_zpsnneldgbw.jpg  photo IMG_4967_zpsi4kym4x2.jpg  photo IMG_4994_zpsfpkqx0er.jpg  photo IMG_5038vertical_zps4h66a14u.jpg  photo IMG_5038_zpsuvz2dqg3.jpg  photo IMG_5051_zps8w4npnlq.jpg  photo IMG_5069_zpszzr9ggyu.jpg  photo IMG_5087_zps0bb4rjpg.jpg

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