Monday, October 5, 2015

Keagen {8} and Family

Here is another family that is very special to me as the mother and I have been friends a very long time...maybe 18 years? I'm not sure exactly how long but I do know she's one of my best friends and I'm so thankful to have her in my life.  Aren't they beautiful?!  I have loved seeing you guys more and happy I am getting to know Keagen better too!  The parents are celebrating their 10 year anniversary this month so we spent a little more time capturing them together during the shoot as well.  Happy Anniversary!!!

 photo IMG_7230_zpskono9tm0.jpg  photo IMG_7242_zpsohqmvwkg.jpg  photo IMG_7251_zps4ga14smm.jpg  photo IMG_7270_zpshbogfdjk.jpg  photo IMG_7291_zpsqawnhsw6.jpg  photo IMG_7298_zpsbjgepbcg.jpg  photo IMG_7314_zpsa01uifwf.jpg  photo IMG_7352_zpsoxpoairy.jpg  photo IMG_7365FB_zpsqsoivklu.jpg  photo IMG_7382tenyears_zps4pwgvkwa.jpg  photo IMG_7407_zpsiaebcpx1.jpg  photo IMG_7450_zps3xhh0hrv.jpg  photo IMG_7459_zpsgnzy0kjr.jpg  photo IMG_7462FB_zpsjc1pfozq.jpg  photo IMG_7490_zpsyqlu6mxs.jpg  photo IMG_7496FB_zpsxkgfndey.jpg  photo IMG_7522FB_zps4o3e5wsc.jpg  photo IMG_7532_zpsubeabn7p.jpg  photo IMG_7543_zpsjt6dkczf.jpg  photo IMG_7561_zpsiqcaei4r.jpg  photo IMG_7562FB_zpsbx98oh2f.jpg  photo IMG_7566_zps3zrfaeam.jpg
That's the moon behind them :)

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