Sunday, October 18, 2015

Finley {ONE!} and Family

It has been so fun watching this little cutie grow over the past year!  We got together for some fall photos, but especially to celebrate Finley turning one soon.  She is just such an easy going, happy, beautiful, fun little girl and is just adored by her parents and I am sure everyone who knows her.  You guys are so blessed...

Happy Birthday, Finley!!! (View Finley's Cake Smash and indoor photos on the next blog post!)

 photo IMG_9118FB_zpsqiqds3ra.jpg  photo IMG_9128_zpsc76ojp5l.jpg  photo IMG_9146_zpsob0wkcfs.jpg  photo IMG_9154_zpssr6znxuv.jpg  photo IMG_9206_zpsta1om4lo.jpg  photo IMG_9233_zps3vybesb8.jpg  photo IMG_9248_zpsszb6bjxi.jpg  photo IMG_9264_zpslf5ciaa2.jpg  photo IMG_9274FB_zpscf2jskge.jpg  photo IMG_9285FB_zpsv877qkjv.jpg  photo IMG_9291_zpsxi0qnbpi.jpg  photo IMG_9302FB_zpsxy8xeygq.jpg  photo IMG_9343_zpssllr9tup.jpg  photo IMG_9350_zpstleybdv2.jpg  photo IMG_9358_zpsjg2i3ftq.jpg  photo IMG_9386_zpshr7nzty9.jpg  photo IMG_9395FB_zpshstzxwrs.jpg  photo IMG_9415_zps4fjllga1.jpg  photo IMG_9430_zpslgjnmjlv.jpg  photo IMG_9448_zpshk6ipbyb.jpg  photo IMG_9474_zpsnafi2ko3.jpg  photo IMG_9493_zpsitxa3ohc.jpg  photo IMG_9501FB_zpsjrv51shb.jpg  photo IMG_9520_zpsxickumwm.jpg  photo IMG_9529_zpsin8nk9du.jpg

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