Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cohen {2}, Shea {5} and Family

This family...they are so beautiful, but not only on the outside, but also on the inside.  They are so sweet and so easy to be around.  Shea and Cohen were a dream to photograph, which is definitely not what I expected considering their ages! We actually intended to do a mini shoot but it turned into a full shoot because they were so well behaved and we got so many great images. And on another note, I am starting to really love downtown photo shoots!

 photo IMG_7576_zps1jdworxy.jpg  photo IMG_7592FB_zpsgng2ypfe.jpg  photo IMG_7613_zpsqyvzomwr.jpg  photo IMG_7696FB_zpsqnjvp3me.jpg  photo IMG_7714_zpsks3baazm.jpg  photo IMG_7740FB_zpslal2vnlu.jpg  photo IMG_7763_zps3by1xsdc.jpg  photo IMG_7770_zpssdkkeggc.jpg  photo IMG_7779FB_zpsrxqqp9cb.jpg  photo IMG_7784FB_zpshvzi6tc8.jpg  photo IMG_7793_zpsc7fslxwn.jpg  photo IMG_7798FB_zpsgenemyk6.jpg  photo IMG_7810_zpsa19tyb6p.jpg  photo IMG_7820FB_zpstjtsd6we.jpg  photo IMG_7826BW_zpssjfyugce.jpg  photo IMG_7859_zpsb4fn7tbc.jpg  photo IMG_7890_zps9r93uw8l.jpg  photo IMG_7915_zpsmv04hdo1.jpg  photo IMG_7930_zpsp53cck2b.jpg  photo IMG_7936_zpsaq5jgtdy.jpg  photo IMG_7967_zpstdyq4v9v.jpg  photo IMG_7980_zpscua9epxt.jpg  photo IMG_7997_zps2ggibc5f.jpg  photo IMG_8004_zpsp7nmivnh.jpg  photo IMG_8011_zpssxywqsvr.jpg  photo IMG_8016_zpsbrwrt7bo.jpg  photo IMG_8024_zpsut2keujq.jpg  photo IMG_8036_zpsofhbwpqy.jpg  photo IMG_8056FB_zps1igzrjhf.jpg

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