Thursday, February 23, 2012


I am so incredibly excited to finally have a REAL webstie - not just a blog, not just a Facebook Fan Page, but a WEBSITE.  Not only does this website display my work, provide information to clients and potential clients, but it also has a client viewing gallery and a shopping cart!!  I have my very own domain name and will be getting the email set up soon (with "" as the email instead of the "" that I am currently using).  How cool is that?!  I may be a nerd about it, but this is something I have wanted so bad since starting up.  I really think it will make things so much easier for me and my clients.  Visit the link at:

Also, if you notice any typos or feel that something isn't easy to understand or navigate, PLEASE let me know.  I have looked over it 3,000 times, but it is very easy to overlook things when it is your own.  :)

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