Sunday, December 8, 2013

Riley {11 Days Old}, Kendall {2}, Avery {4} and Family

I met this family when little Kendall was only 3 months old and now they have another beautiful baby girl who has joined their family.  Riley's big sisters are very active and I did my best to get some family shots and sibling shots, but sometimes young children have other plans (especially 2-year-olds!).  I so wish I was a magician and could force little ones to lay down to be in a photo but I cannot.  The good news is though that I got a great shot of big sister, Avery, with Riley as well as lots of awesome photos of Riley alone as she was an awesome sleeper.  She was even so relaxed when her sisters were around her, which often isn't the case with newborns.  I had a great time with your family and so happy for you guys to have another sweet baby girl!

 photo IMG_6316_zpsf6fd2cfa.jpg  photo IMG_6336_zps72bd40c4.jpg  photo IMG_6345_zps7609a47c.jpg  photo IMG_6384BW_zpsefa1d97b.jpg  photo IMG_6399_zps5ac05830.jpg  photo IMG_6416BW_zps060b821c.jpg  photo IMG_6438_zpsc6cb9a3f.jpg  photo IMG_6439BW_zps9510c05d.jpg  photo IMG_6452_zps21485ec3.jpg  photo IMG_6461_zps5e5432e4.jpg  photo IMG_6462BW_zps61ac3ac5.jpg  photo IMG_6472_zpsd43743aa.jpg  photo IMG_6475BW_zps9bd241dd.jpg  photo IMG_6488_zps04c7c7a2.jpg  photo IMG_6491_zps05719f3b.jpg  photo IMG_6493BW_zps98d8b811.jpg  photo IMG_6506_zpsd22502d2.jpg  photo IMG_6536_zps6300c4ab.jpg  photo IMG_6547_zpse4877dfb.jpg  photo IMG_6551BW_zpsea77a5ee.jpg  photo IMG_6571_zps7e95aa72.jpg  photo IMG_6580_zpsfed4ea48.jpg  photo IMG_6583BW_zps44a0504e.jpg  photo IMG_6590_zps28a53f25.jpg  photo IMG_6601_zps7f00c8b9.jpg  photo IMG_6604BW_zps50282ab5.jpg  photo IMG_6617_zpsa9c1f248.jpg  photo IMG_6621BW_zps7440a130.jpg  photo IMG_6627_zps4f4b5691.jpg  photo IMG_6635_zps01943a41.jpg

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