Monday, December 2, 2013

Abby {1} and Family - Plus Cake Smash!

This little Abby is just beautiful - perfect little face, bright blue eyes, and an adorable personality to go along with them.  Due to it being so cold out lately, we stayed inside for some indoor shots and then she did her cake smash.  She had some balloons next to her and loved to get them in on the smash too!  We headed over to the indoor area at the Botanical Gardens for a few more shots - such a pretty place.  It was great meeting you guys and Happy Birthday, Abby!!!!

 photo IMG_5022BW_zps8c86c39b.jpg  photo IMG_5037_zpsd656897d.jpg  photo IMG_5040_zps869b9d9c.jpg  photo IMG_5108_zpsf7061e9b.jpg  photo IMG_5142_zps97721996.jpg  photo IMG_5151_zpsda5678da.jpg  photo IMG_5179BW_zpsaa4984db.jpg  photo IMG_5183_zps9533d2e6.jpg  photo IMG_5186_zps91b52f13.jpg  photo IMG_5194_zps09f374e2.jpg  photo IMG_5203_zps1edc76ac.jpg  photo IMG_5214_zpsee027081.jpg  photo IMG_5227_zps3bb21517.jpg  photo IMG_5233_zps1a63d145.jpg  photo IMG_5235_zpsf962cce1.jpg  photo IMG_5244_zpsdea9ea85.jpg  photo IMG_5249BW_zpsd41c7ed7.jpg  photo IMG_5261_zps9cd0013d.jpg  photo IMG_5279_zps930c530e.jpg  photo IMG_5300_zps2c3808ad.jpg  photo IMG_5313_zps4647b276.jpg  photo IMG_5333_zps2a8db637.jpg  photo IMG_5341_zps1ec275d3.jpg  photo IMG_5348_zpsa025535d.jpg  photo IMG_5355_zps4088ec6c.jpg  photo IMG_5365_zpsedb66cec.jpg  photo IMG_5369_zps121860c9.jpg  photo IMG_5384_zpsce45a9a3.jpg  photo IMG_5412BW_zpse3dbf510.jpg  photo IMG_5419_zpsf75de669.jpg  photo IMG_5422_zpsb842b20a.jpg  photo IMG_5430_zps432831d5.jpg

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